Kaufmann FOr Kentucky

Democratic State Senate Candidate for District 26

I am a Kentucky Democrat!  The Primary is May 22nd. Please read through my platform, send me an email, and come to an event.  

We need to rebuild the bridges between government and our families, our education system, and our local business community.  This is my passion: collaborative communities.  We need to have tough conversations guided by facts, reason, and compassion.  The quality of our conversation is the quality of our community.

Give me the chance to earn your vote!

THe Key Issues

Tax Pledge: Prior to casting a vote to spend your tax dollars, I will ask and answer the following question:
How will the expenditure of this resource benefit my constituents in a measurable way?
It might not be our fault, but it is our responsibility.


Education is the Foundation of our Communities
For every dollar spent on education, two come back to the community. Kentucky’s best educators will take leadership roles in education at home and across the nation.


Our future is at stake. We’ve all heard that A Pension is a Promise...
But to whom?


Good for people, good for business, let’s innovate.
Roads. Alternative energy. Protection from the elements. Support innovation and get schools involved with apprenticeships with experts in the field.


Expand Internet access across the commonwealth.
High speed everywhere. Internet has become a necessity and equalizer of opportunity.


We have an immense capacity to create wealth and new jobs.
There are many revenue-raising solutions that we can employ to protect public pensions and fund our public schools and public services. Defunding is not an option.


We need a healthCARE system, not a health industry system.
No one should go bankrupt or lose their home because they get sick. I will fight for Medicare for ALL!


A Champion for Working Families

Town Halls For The People

A Listen First Approach

Collaboration With Experts Across Interdisciplinary Fields


26 For 26

Donate $26 to Senate 26- and I will fight with everything I have for ALL of us. On every vote and issue I will consult experts and constituents for advice. I will be transparent. I will make sure ALL have a seat at the table.

All donations will be used to spread our message: government needs to serve family, community, and education to make a stronger commonwealth for ALL of us.

Featured Community Members

Sue McHargue

When I worked with Matt at Oldham County High School, it was easy to see what a difference he made in the lives of his students.The same qualities he exhibited there...

Christian Lauria

Here is someone I want representing the people. He is an amazing educator and colleague. If elected, he will give everything he got to making sure the people are taken care of.

Larry Kiser

I believe in Matt Kaufmann and his campaign. He frequently cites his three core values of facts, reason and compassion and lives by them in every discussion we have.

What Are Your Thoughts?

All of us need a seat at the table. All of us need to be heard and understood. This section is a platform for the voices of District 26.
Please share your concerns, your ideas, and what you want from your Senator.

I want every generation to have more resources and opportunities than the one before it. I want education to be made a priority in my community. I want my tax dollars used to raise up the next generation of successful members of our community, right here in District 26.
Jennifer Miller
What I want from my State Senator? Actual representation and someone who will listen. Someone who will work with all sides to find common ground. This is huge. When we talk with those we differ with, we find we have more in common than not.
Lynne Ward
I moved back to Oldham County for the schools and we need to ensure that those that teach and nurture our children are empowered with the tools and resources to be successful in their efforts. We need to find funding for programs, not cut them and strengthen the relationships we have with local business to prepare students for the reality of the job market.
Larry Kiser
I have lived in Oldham county for twenty-four years and Ernie Harris has been our Senator this entire time. Personally, I’ve got mixed feelings about mandatory term limits but, I think seven consecutive terms is definitely “a bridge too far”. Speaking of bridges can someone please tell me why they have they stopped working on 393 at 146? Again!
Joseph Gorsick