Meet Matt Kaufmann

Democratic State Senate Candidate for District 26

I never planned on becoming your candidate until I realized how powerful our voices are in protecting education, healthcare, and working families. I’ve lived in Kentucky more than half my life and love the state. While waiting tables and working part time jobs, I earned my undergraduate from Bellarmine, then completed three graduate programs at University of Louisville. Oldham County High School is where I grew up as a teacher; I served students and families there for seven years. I am currently enjoying my fourth year of teaching at the Marion C. Moore School in JCPS.

What You Can Expect

Service Oriented Leadership

A Champion for Working Families

A Listen First Approach

Passion For People and Education

Town Halls and Approachability where ALL are invited

Collaboration With Experts Across Interdisciplinary Fields

The Courage to Foster the Tough Conversations

Responsible, Transparent use of Tax Dollars

What Others Have to say

Samantha Kay

One of the best educators and advocates for inclusiveness and tolerance I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Matthew Kaufmann is running for KY Senate!!!

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Stephanie Kornexl

I have seen Matt interact and collaborate with a wide variety of people, and I’ve always been struck by how he treats everyone with immense respect and kindness.

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Stan Torzewski

Matt Kaufmann empowers others. I have witnessed this empowerment in his students, to step beyond their comfort zone to become something more than they thought they could be.

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Position Statements

Kaufmann For Kentucky - Position Statement - For The PeopleMy vision for Senate District 26 is to expand education and increase quality of life for all in our community.  I will create regular Town-halls and community conversations. I envision a more engaged, active voting populace where we talk about the issues facing our common wealth, how to raise revenue, and how we want our tax dollars spent.  I will protect and fund public pensions. I will protect and nurture collective bargaining and unions. I will make community college more affordable and target business growth in rural areas. There are issues with the SEEK formula for schools and unfunded mandates.   We have public schools, but why not public daycare? Programs like Head Start recognize the value of education. I will tie business, non-profits, and universities directly to schools. And I will expand the blue collar trades in schools. I will grow a process where locals, experts, and community leaders identify problems and work on solutions together. I will bring transparency to office and the political process.  I want our Democracy to function like a Deeper Learning classroom where we are all learning, supporting each other, collaborating, having the hard conversations, and growing together. I want to have as many of us at the table as possible and hold our conversations accountable to reason, facts, and compassion.

Kaufmann For Kentucky - Position Statement - BanksThe middle and working class must be protected.  Politicians are servants of citizens, not of special interests groups and corporate lobbyists.  In order for banks to truly serve the community, they must know and live in the community that depends on them for loans, financial security, and community development.  Taxpayers have been taken advantage of by oligarchical forces for too long. It is time for our all to pay their fair share, and government leaders have a responsibility to voice, write legislation for, and vote for policies that ensure the American people are not held hostage by banks that are “too big to fail”.  If they’re too big too fail, break them up, localize them, and connect them in meaningful ways to working people.

Kaufmann For Kentucky - Position Statement - Healthcare Prescriptions

The people of the United States pay the most for medical care, hands down. Yet, we do not enjoy the highest quality of healthcare. France ranks first in the world for highest quality healthcare by the World Health Organization. I believe that an important element of their position is that their citizens have access to healthcare as a human right. Several other members of the WHO’s top ten list also have access to healthcare as a right of citizens. We often hear that there is no such thing as a free lunch – which is exactly correct. What this campaign wants to see is our tax dollars working for all people, and one of the most tangible ways to accomplish that is by guaranteeing healthcare and reducing the often egregiously inflated price of prescription drugs.