Democratic State Senate Candidate for District 26

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Officially Endorsed By the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Mr. Kaufmann was a very influential teacher in my life. He always encouraged his students to find their voice and stand for what they believe in. He is honest, he cares about people, and I appreciate his efforts in trying to better his community. I am a firm believer in his opening statement of progressing past voting for a "D" or "R". We as a society need to listen to each others ideas and find the good in one another. We need to look for people to lead our communities who have integrity. Matthew Kaufmann practices what he preaches. I don't often post about politics on my facebook, but the way he fights for the good of others, is inspiring. Like he said, He may be a Democrat, but he's HUMAN first. I know many of his students and associates have been moved by his character, I know I have.
Elizabeth Ann-Marie Ainscough
Matt Kaufmann pushes students in his classroom to think deeply about life and their experiences and then create powerful ways to capture these ideas for an authentic audience, whether that is through a poem in a student publication or a play performed on a student stage. He models these skills through his own writing about his own life experiences. He has demonstrated again and again how seriously he thinks about life and nurturing his students. Matt's careful consideration about the views of others and open approach to encouraging a diverse conversation in his classroom makes him an excellent choice to represent the views of ALL in the political arena.
Kathy Lutz
Oldham County Educator
This guy is Matthew Kaufmann and he is running for Senate District 26. He works with me at Moore as an English teacher, all around bad ass dude who empowers kids and puts his time where his mouth is. I encourage you to check him out if you are in his district. Unlike the other 99% of pro education candidates (who don’t actually do the job, and have some talking point solutions) he does, he gets it, he is in the middle of it, and I think he would do right in a seat with some clout. Check him out.
Robert Fulk
Principal at Marion C. Moore in JCPS
When I worked with Matt at Oldham County High School, it was easy to see what a difference he made in the lives of his students. The same qualities he exhibited there - integrity, intelligence, hard work, willingness to look at both sides of an issue, asking others to also probe their beliefs - will enable him to represent ALL of the citizens of District 26. Matt is an ethical teacher and leader. I endorse him without reservation for Senator of the 26th District of Kentucky.
Sue McHargue
Library Media Specialist, Oldham County High School and Camden Station Elementary
I believe in Matt Kaufmann and his campaign. He frequently cites his three core values of facts, reason and compassion and lives by them in every discussion we have. That is not something I see in my current elected officials. He is always interested in learning about topics he may not have previously thought of and his passion for education is inspiring. Matt knows first hand how important it is to invest in our future by being a teacher and I believe he is willing to do the same for our state.
Larry Kiser
Senate District 26 Resident and candidate for for Oldham County Magistrate District 6
I support Matt Kaufmann, a dedicated teacher running for KY Senate district 26. He understands the issues that public schools face and will work tirelessly to improve them. He supports raising new revenue and modernizing the tax code. He will fight for the rights of all citizens and supports a path to citizenship for dreamers. If you want change in Frankfort, vote for Matt Kaufmann!
Lori Balakos
M.ED. University of Louisville
Educator for 28 years Math teacher
Atherton High School
I’ve been working with Mr. Kaufmann for the last year at Moore on deeper learning in the classroom. He is well suited to representing the people’s interest because he works tirelessly, with passion, and for the betterment of the world daily. I would encourage everyone to check out his platform and consider supporting his campaign.
Danielle Christine
Educator at Marion C Moore in JCPS
Friends, please consider supporting my friend and former colleague Matthew Kaufmann’s campaign. And if you live in his district, remember his name on the ballot! I have no doubt he will fight for us all, especially in education. His former students are running his campaign! I think that speaks for itself.
Jessie Magee
JCPS Educator at The Brown School
One of the best educators and advocates for inclusiveness and tolerance I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Matthew Kaufmann is running for KY Senate!!! Everyone should be excited about this! If you don’t know him, get to know him. You will NOT be disappointed!
Samantha Kay
Educator at Marion C Moore
This is the man who will stand for us and with us, we need Matthew Kaufmannin office Kentucky!
Ann Marie Morgan
Behavior Support Specialist Resource Teacher for JCPS District Office
So excited that masterful teacher Matthew Kaufmann has filed! Matt will give voice to the people of his district the same way that he lifts up the voices of the students in his classroom.
Lisa Willner
Kentucky Psychological Association and Bellarmine University
Matt Kaufmann empowers others. I have witnessed this empowerment in his students, to step beyond their comfort zone to become something more than they thought they could be. Matt Kaufmann believes that well done is better than well said. He is a bridge-building, solutions-focused change-maker that has laid out actions steps to combat problems. In like manner, he will empower community stakeholders to determine how to create a better tomorrow. I support Matt Kaufmann without reservation for State Senator.
Stan Torzewski
National Board Certified Teacher and Educator Leader
I have seen Matt interact and collaborate with a wide variety of people, and I've always been struck by how he treats everyone with immense respect and kindness. He is genuinely interested in people and seeing everyone meet their full potential. As a teacher, he's dedicated his life to his students and their ongoing growth. As Senator, I know he will apply the same compassion, energy, and work ethic toward ensuring that families in Oldham and Jefferson County are listened to, heard, and represented.
Stephanie Kornexl
As the teacher who got me involved in writing, and the teacher who inspired me to pursue being a future educator, I can think of no one more capable to run for State Senate. He is a great man with brilliant and bright ideas for the future, and I fully support his endeavors and his platform.
Darian Bianco
Here is someone I want representing the people. He is an amazing educator and colleague. If elected he will give everything he got to making sure the people are taken care of.
Christian Lauria
JCPS educator